Saturday, June 01, 2013

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I've got news!

These past few weeks have been crazy with midterms, studying for my comprehensive exam, regular work, working on the new blog, kitchen renovations.... oh, and trying to get fit. On Tuesday, I hopped on the scale to see if I had gained any weight from the sudden increase in take out food that I have been ordering, and to my surprise! I am down again! 167.8! My husband said that morning that I am really "coming down" since during our first set of engagement pictures, I was looking like someone blew up my face. Lovely, I know.
So the news, I can feel myself procrastinating already... I have decided to no longer blog here at WIOG while I am planning to launch the new blog. It has become so hard to do both & I have such HUGE dreams for my new blog and I really want to be able to devote myself 100%. Everyone keeps telling me that it is a bad idea to stop blogging here, but I know that I need to really devote more time towards my new venture & to my school work.
What does this mean for WIOG?
  • Everything will stay up here until I launch the new blog on June 1st, 2013.
    • You can still look through old posts & contact me if you need anything!
  • Starting June 1st, when you type in WIOG into the web, you will automatically be re-directed to my new site.
    • I will be re-working some of the top posts from WIOG to make them even better for the new site.
  • What about Amber?
    • If you have been following WIOG since the beginning, you'll notice that Amber hasn't posted regularly in awhile. We are still best friends for life (DUH!), but blogging just isn't her passion. All of her posts will still be here and you will probably see some pictures of us on the new site as well....since we are still together everyday. There are no hard feelings, just love.
So, are you going to tell us what the "new site" is?

OMG! I am so nervous, because actually sharing it makes it real, right?

Go ahead, click the button and watch the magic happen.
Manifest Yourself is my new blog where I am looking to build a community where I can grow into a better blogger, share information, receive information and just have fun. I'm so excited to finally share it with you! Check out the new about page so you can learn a little about me, and a little more about what I will be writing about. A little new, mixed with a little old.
In 2 short months, the new site will be fully up and running with a regularly scheduled editorial calendar. (Yes, it's getting serious, ya'll.) AND in 2 months, who knows what I will have accomplished when it comes to my fitness goals! By that time, I will have 27 short days until Fitbloggin! ( Sidebar: If you haven't voted yet for the Ignite Sparks, please do so HERE! AND make sure you give the "How I Became a “Certified” Fitness Blogger" a few extra votes" *wink*wink*)
Before this becomes the longest blog post ever, I just want to say thank you. I have grown to love blogging from starting this blog. That's why I want to work to make it better by launching Manifest Yourself. I hope that you will support me over there too! This definitely isn't a goodbye... it's literally an "I'll see you in 60 days".
And I will obviously still be active via social media & I am looking for new features, guest posts, ect so don't be afraid to leave a comment here or email me at manifestyourselftoday {at} gmail {dot} com. (I updated the links above & my name on Twitter is now @manifesturself!
Love you!
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