Monday, March 28, 2011

Douglaston Manor Review


Gorgeous Scenery
Large Rooms
Additional Decorations
Outdoor Patio for Cocktail Hour
Large Bridal Suite with Lounge
Maitre'd who takes care of A LOT
Location (close to Brooklyn and Queens)
Beautiful Landscaping for Photos
Ethnic Menus
Customization of the Menu allowed

Small Main Entrance
Golfers may be there on the wedding day

The Douglaston Manor was a definite hit. We left feeling that we could actually hold our wedding there. We have only seen 3 places, so we would like to visit at least 1 more before making our final decision though. This reception hall is situated on a golf course overlooking the NYC Skyline and Long Island. It is truly breathtaking. The price was a tad more than the other two places that we looked at, but we would be getting a lot more in terms of food, scenery, personalized attention, ect. Hopefully, we will have a photos like the one above.

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