Sunday, March 20, 2011

Verdi's Review

So Verdi's was a hit!

More Modern Facilities
Valet Parking (included)
Large (attractive) Rooms
Outdoor Water features
Large Chandeliers make it feel more romantic

A little to far out on Long Island
The outside from the road wasn't too pretty (kind of cheesy)
Smaller package deal (flowers not included)
No terrace or outdoor area for cocktail hour

Overall, this venue is could be in the running for the reception. The decor was much more romantic and put together in comparison with The Coral House. We were shown a room that was set up for another party and the little touches that they added (candles, satin chair covers, ect) made it look much more sophisticated. The Bridal suite was much smaller, but still doable. Flowers were not included with the venue so it is another expense we would have to incur, but they gave a large selection on suggested vendors to make the process of finding a vendor easier.

They hold 2 events per time period, and they stagger the times so the parties do not arrive at the same time. They give 5 hours (which we are learning is the norm. 1 hour for cocktails, and 4 for the reception.) Open bar, a wedding cake, champagne toast, valet parking, and a few other details are included in their VERY reasonable price for Saturday afternoon/evening receptions in the summer of 2012.

Right now, the major drawback is the location. I need to research more places in Queens and Brooklyn. Many of Mr. Man's guests may not drive, so we don't want to make it difficult for people to get from the ceremony to the reception.

Next week we will be visiting The Douglaston Manor.

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