Friday, April 15, 2011

El Caribe Review

Located in Brooklyn
Lots of parking

Rude Event Manager
No outdoor areas
Bad entrance area
Only one room to choose from for the reception
No windows
Industrial area surrounding the venue

Overall, El Caribe was a major disappointment. The website showcases beautiful views from the outside. Little did we know, the only nice part about the entrance is the part that is shown in the pictures. The rest is literally cinder blocks. The actual inside of the venue is very nice, but we did not have much to choose from. We were shown 2 identical rooms for our cocktail area and reception by a condescending Event Manager. There were no outdoor areas for pictures unless you wanted to take pictures in the parking lot that overlooks another parking lot that holds school buses, the street, or the grungy pond nearby. We may have been able to tolerate using this venue and done pictures elsewhere until we heard the price. The price was more than any other venue we looked at AND we were offered less time and less amenities.

Needless to say, it was a no.

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