Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Wardrobe

Summer time on the job can get to be a real challenge. I know in our office, the AC likes to go on the fritz from time to time. Leaving us hot, sweaty, and unmotivated to work. Summer is also the time when ladies tend to test out the "hem-length" guidelines in the workplace. As you can imagine this doesn't really work well in most work places. Ladies get a breather since we can where breezy dresses, but men are still stuck in pants and long sleeve shirts most of the time (sorry guys). Some work places allow men to wear short sleeve shirts or polos occasionally, but not in most conservative work environments.

So ladies... here are some helpful summer dress guidelines to help you out. Also check out Polyvore for great ideas!
  • If your work place allows open toe shoes, cute strappy sandals are OK
  • Absolutely NO FLIP FLOPS. If you must where them on your commute, make sure you can switch to more professional shoes when you get to the office
  • NO tank tops. As a rule of thumb, try to have some sleeves on your shirts or dresses. If that's not possible, than try to wear a light weight cardigan over the shirt of dress
  • Work style capris are another option to stay cool but try to make sure they are similar fabric to your light weight dress pants
  • Embrace summer dresses and skirts, but watch the hem-length. Try not to wear anything that is too far above the knee. You should be able to sit,stand, and bend over without worrying about giving anyone a peep-show
Rule of thumb: If you find yourself asking “could I get away with that?” then don’t wear it.
Spring/Summer Work Capsule 2

Vanessa Bruno shirt dress
J Crew flat sandals
MICHAEL Michael Kors leather tote, $299
Gold bangle, $12
Miss Selfridge gold stud earrings, £6
Dorothy Perkins wide belt, £10

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