Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Goals in Review

December Goals in Review

  1. Eat mindfully. I was able to complete this goal with flying colors! I did my best to to eat out of depression or boredom this month. AND I went back into measuring all of my food. 
  2. Exercise. So this was an epic fail. But Amber and I created an exercise schedule for next month. 4X per week in the morning. We have it down!
  3. Fruits and Veggies. Ummmm, soooo, I still don't really like veggies, but I tried... half-heatedly to incorporate a few more. But I know I can do better. 
  4. Water. I've went back to eliminating more non water and tea drinks and I'm doing well. Especially in this past week when I was home from work. I only drank water until I was sick of the taste and went out to get the 0 calorie flavored water.
  5. Grazing. I could say that I accomplished this for the most part. I try not to pick at food anymore, and if I want a taste, I limit myself to one spoonful instead of a full-on plate sharing experience. 

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