Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pre Marital Counseling Sessions 2 & 3 Recap

Session 2
This session lasted for about 40 minutes and was very laid back. I think I am just generally on pins and needles, waiting for something earth-shattering to come up in a discussion. We discussed the biblical basis of marriage (Genesis 2 18 - 25), where God created a companion for man by taking one of the man's ribs and creating woman. The "wo" representing the womb. I was raised Roman Catholic, but never really had a strong connection to the church. Now, I just consider myself a Christian. I believe in God, but I do not have much in depth knowledge about scriptures. Being able to site in the Bible where and why God created a woman for man was really interesting to me. 

The Pastor related this to our relationship by stating that marriage is formed in the heart long before it is legalized by a ceremony. Moreover, God may not have given me one of Mr. Man's ribs, but he took parts of us and brought us together. This we both really believe because we met on our own, without help or introductions, and with no mutual contacts. Something, we say God, you may say fate, brought us together. 

We then jumped of topic and starting talking about things that we are cautious about when it comes to getting married and we both agreed that having children makes us nervous. Not because of our families, finances, medical reasons, or anything else like that... but because of society today. This is where I had some strong emotions towards my fiance. It is so different hearing him speak so passionately about a topic that concerns me to someone else. We are pretty private when it comes to intimate details about our relationship, so it is very different for us to talk to anyone openly about our likes, dislikes, fears, and strengths as it relates to our relationship. We both agree that we want to raise our children in a way where they know right from wrong and that they are strong willed and have a value system that many children are without today. 

And this concluded session 2! Not too shabby!

Session 3

This past Saturday, our session took place in the afternoon because we had a funeral to attend in the morning. Obviously, we were a bit drained, so we didn't get into anything too heavy. But we did go over the assessment from the first session. We were there for about 1 hour because we just started having regular conversation about our wedding plans as well. 

The Pastor was so excited to give us the results because they turned out better than he claims he has ever seen before! Our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other and we both have a combination of the same temperaments (supine and sanguine). Based upon our temperaments, we are extremely compatible and won't run into problems based on the "general" way we handle situations, our needs for control, or how we show affection. I was trying to scribble down notes so I could write this post, but the Pastor assured me that he will give us a full report soon. I will wait until them to go through the different types of temperaments and how that affects a marriage. I am just happy to hear that we are in the clear so far!

***If you want to learn more about the 5 temperaments now, check out THIS link.***

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  1. What I have learned from my 13 year marriage is that God brings us together to reveal things about one another. It is as if our spouse is a reflector into our own soul. We are often confronted with issues in our marriage to help us see faults in ourselves that we are too afraid to confront on our own. Marriage takes work but it is a commitment that is worth honoring and working for with every breath.


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