Friday, February 10, 2012

Updated "Blogs We Love Page"

I follow 35 blogs!

To some of you, this may not be a ton, but I was shocked when I saw the number when I created/updated the Blogs We Love page. And, I know there are a few that I check in with that are not even listed yet! I love reading blogs and I sincerely feel like I "know" quite a few of the bloggers even though we have never met. *** I also have a secret wish that I will get to meet some of these amazing bloggers one day at some massive blogger meet up!***

I will say that some of the blogs have a bunch of posts, some have a few. Some are more than established, and some are just getting started. But regardless, I was inspired by a post I read and wanted to add it to my list of regulars. I will try to edit the list from time to time with new reads and take off any that are not relevant anymore OR if the blogger decides to stop blogging. 

So please feel free to check them out AND offer me some suggestions if you do not see one on the list that you absolutely adore.

Have a great day!


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