Monday, February 27, 2012

Workout Reflections

Lately I have been feeling super ho-hum and melancholy about my progress in my workouts. Although I have increased my time in the plank position from 32 seconds to a solid 60 seconds, I don't feel that I am seeing results as fast as I would like to. 
And I know it is my fault.
Really wish I had someone else to blame, but I know I need to stand in front of a mirror and point the finger at myself. For some reason, I have not gained the determination to chose salad over rice, a workout over sleeping in, or countless other healthy habits or foods over unhealthy habits or foods. I always say that weight loss happens when you are ready. But maybe I need to make myself ready. If I sit here waiting to feel like being fit, then I doubt it will happen in the timeline that I am hoping for. 
I am getting married in under 6 months. 
Yea... not only does that freak me out because my life will be changing completely in under 6 months BUT that means I need to ensure that my chunky butt is no longer chunky by the wedding.. and better yet our honeymoon in Antigua. 
So what does this honestly mean?
It means I have to get serious or become happy with the way I am. I honestly don't feel like doing the later, so that leaves me with getting serious. I have the tools (Amazing personal trainer, MFP, resources to buy healthy food). I have the knowledge (hello world wide web and the amazing blogger community). I just need to have the willpower. No more days off. No more excuses. I need to just do it, like Nike. (corny, I know.) So here is the breakdown of what I am going to commit to for the next 4 weeks.

AHHHH! Wish me luck! And please always feel free to add me as a friend on MFP, my username is KimberlyWIOG. I always accept friend requests. I recently narrowed down my friend list to remove people I didn't know or aren't active so I am on the market for some new buddies!

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  1. You can do it!!! I've been eating alot more veggies and green juices and gave up bread/pasta through Easter in spirit of Lent- I have total faith in you!


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