Thursday, March 08, 2012

I want to be FLY

Are you the girl that gets dressed to run to Stop & Shop to buy bread?

If so, kudos to you. I am the girl that runs to Stop & Shop wearing whatever was closest to me and I stare longingly at the girl who took 2 minutes to put herself together and looks effortlessly fly. I know deep down that I have the ability to be that girl, but for some reason I won't let myself.

I always feel like I need to reach "the next level" before I can do certain things. I can't wear the flowy shirts and leggings until I lose another 10lbs. I can't where my hair in a certain style until it grows to a certain length. I can't speak up in meetings at work until I have been there for 1 full year...I don't know exactly where these stipulations come from... but I have them. And sadly, I force myself to live by them. 

Amber is constantly telling me that I have the ability to be fly and do all of the amazing things that I have on my bucket list, but I still have this inner feeling that I don't deserve it yet. Deserve is such a strong word, I know, but I don't allow myself to get past the barriers that I have created.

So what does this have to do with Work It Out, Gurl?

I feel like this is the mission of WIOG. To make women everywhere fly. We are both career-oriented super busy women who want to run the world and help our fellow friends do the same. We are always looking to find ways to better ourselves from the inside out. We share resources, successes, failures, and just life lessons with you. Hoping that it will inspire anyone who reads OR that you can offer some insight to help us out. 

So I hope that we have been able to touch a few of you out there in the great abyss of the blogging world. I know many of you have touched us. We look forward to continuing to bring you fresh content AND even more tips and tricks on how to make your life easier. 



  1. This is a really great heartfelt post. I have a lot of these insecurities and I'm not sure where they come from either. The real battle is fighting against them and doing the opposite. I am especially this way when it comes to my job, I have so many things that I KNOW I can do yet the little voice convinces me that I can't. grr! You are doing a great job with the blog and we appreciate you guys!!

  2. Nellie! It honestly feels amazing to know I am not the only one out there who does this. This is my new and improved New Year's resolution. To get it together and be confident about myself.

  3. For some reason losing weigh- means hair cant be done and we are always in oversized clothes...NO NO NO NO NO!!! I think you should go ahead and just go for it. If you going to the supermarket put on that fly outfit and shine baby someone will notice...At work speak up and say uh no I think.....Just do it like Nike....I do think you should carry both with each other think of urself as a butterfly going through a metamorphosis


    Check out my blog-

    Also your planning a wedding- have you been able to find a cute wedding planning book/notebook :/ call me old fashion but I want a notebook to jot things down and I can't seem to find one!

  4. ExFatGurl,

    So I definitely was gifted a gorgeous wedding book... but ti didn't fit all of my ideas and inspiration. I actually went out and bought a jumbo sized binder and a whole bunch of sheet protectors and made myself my own book. I promise it is not as time consuming as it sounds... I created inspiration boards for flowers, hair, dresses, everything! And I have copies of all of the vendor contracts, venues, contact sheets, and websites/vendors that I want to check out.

    And thank you... I know that is a huge stigma behind losing weight. You just look a mess until you are fabulous. I need to work on that. And I am heading to your blog right now!


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