Friday, April 13, 2012

Newest Addiction: Instagram

I just had to make a post about my latest addiction- Instagram. I actually think I may have gotten Kim to cross over as well. I am a sucker for pictures, if you give me a slow day and a phone I will have the best photo shoots. Here are a few of my latest uploads......welcome to my life!

My first day with my new DKNY glasses, the world looks so clear! 

Dress down Friday at work, I had to bring out my bow <3

 Please excuse my face, this was after a late night work- out on Friday

My nephew found his way to my room after I got home from the gym, obviously this was a reason to take a pic! 

Easter Sunday- a quick photo shoot with my sister and my adorable nephews!

Thanks for reading and stay fab <3

P.S. If you have Instagram follow us, we follow back @SIMPLYFAB31 and @KANDIDLYKIM!


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm still getting hip to Pinterest though! Love your Easter dress...beautiful!

    1. No problem.....and thanks for the compliment, when I saw the dress I had to have it!


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