Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Week 2 Independence Day Challenge

This week's Highs
First off I lost 5 pounds!!! I am super excited, especially since I know I haven't been doing what I should, but this loss definitely made my day. I feel that three of the pounds may be water weight, but hey I'll take it. Lately my allergies have been crazy so I had to cancel my training session, but I rescheduled it, and boy did Erik kick my butt. I really pushed myself to the max, and it felt amazing, I am finally learning how to push through he burn instead of stopping. (My secret is I sing songs in my head to try and ignore the excruciating pain!) 

This week's Lows
I still have not bumped the habit of skipping dinner, I have no idea what it is but for some reason I can eat well all day but when it comes to dinner I just don't eat. And I NEED to drink more water, lately it has been a struggle to get through my 40oz water bottle.  I know that I have to work on my eating, this is the one area that needs major improvement, so this week I plan to force myself to eat dinner, hopefully I can stick to the plan. I take that back, I WILL stick to the plan.

I hope everyone is staying motivated! Thanks for reading and as always stay fab!

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