Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How did you do it? with Danielle

We are always asking the question of anyone who has had success in weight loss, "How did you do it?" So let's meet Danielle, and find out how she did it. 
Name: Danielle
Blog/Website: n/a (Leave comments, I will be reading them!)
Approximate Body Stats: 5'1, starting weight was 296.8, current weight is 140

1. What is your current state in your personal weight loss journey? 
My personal weight loss journey is and has been successful. It is a struggle if you've heard of that infamous cliche, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach" is proven true. However, I am maintaining and stabilized at my current weight. Am I happy now? YES more than ever, but I'm never satisfied, and feel there is room for improvement! With drastic weight loss comes drastic changes physically, mentally, and spiritually.

2. When did you start your weight loss journey? 
Well honestly, my weight loss journey began in my teens. Body image has been around forever especially as a teenager in the 90's when you're looking at idols and models for positive motivation and inspiration. I remember telling myself I want to look like her {referring to Janet Jackson} lol! In high school I was on Weight Watchers and lost a good portion of weight for my prom, and then I went to college... and forget it. Although the cafeteria food was not the greatest; I found ways to eat unhealthy; and there was a complete lack of sleep and exercise. I was a mess and gained massive amounts of weight. I continued to struggle with body image, my confidence had plunged, my faith was decreasing and food was my friend. I battled this for awhile. Secretly, I knew I was a plus woman, who was already diagnosed with high blood pressure and at risk for diabetes, however, I still smiled  but inwardly I was hurting, and in pain.
I decided on May 31, 2008 that I would have gastric bypass surgery which is known as "weight loss" surgery. During that time there weren't too many options of surgeries available, it was either the gastric bypass surgery or the lap band. I made the ultimate decision of choosing life or death... did I really want to continue down this path? I know I have Purpose. And Purpose is what I chose!

3. What got you motivated to start losing weight? 
My family has been my greatest supporter. They would hint OFTEN that I needed to lose weight, but what truly motivated me was when the number on the scale continued to increase, and good quality clothes were becoming expensive. Being the shoe lover that I am, it was becoming uncomfortable that my 4 inch heels that were of good quality would no longer support me... I'm keeping it REAL!! No matter what anyone said it had to be IN ME, to want to lose weight!

4. What combination of food and exercise worked best for you? 
I eat a lot of protein, mainly chicken, fish, and turkey. I've cut pork and beef out of my diet for digestive purposes. I workout at least three to four times a week. High-intensity cardio, preferably the elliptical and cardio classes if available.

5. Share with us your favorite healthy meal or snack. 
I make my own Homemade Chili, but can cook My favorite snacks are Special K Sour Cream and Onion crackers, flavored rice cakes {sour cream and onion, ranch, and barbecue}, lightly salted rice cakes with a hint of peanut butter spread, laughing cow cheese spread with a few crackers, and homemade fruit parfaits.

6. Any helpful tips, tricks, or encouragement you’d like to share. 
Ladies, stay encouraged, there's someone going through the same trials that you are, and please know you're not alone in your feelings and emotions. Workout as often as you can and if you can't make it to the gym, walk! Walking is a great form of cardio. I love shopping and in being positive if you walk the entire mall, you've done a workout. 
Smile and know that God loves you and So do I ....Smooches


  1. Thank you Danielle For sharing your story of success. You look great and I can imagine that you feel even greater! LaDonya

  2. Congratulations! You are an inpspiration! I am just starting my journey and like your thoughts on the combination of diet changes and exercise that seem to be working for you. I need to find something other than walking in the mall for exercise! I might lose some weight, but I have vowed not to buy any more clothes for this body--I'm saving my money for a big shopping trip when I reach my goal. Good luck to you!

  3. Congratulations on your succuessful weight loss! You look great.

  4. Congrats Danielle you look wonderful!

  5. Thanks ladies....Stay Encouraged and Hold your Head Up!!

  6. Thank you for sharing! Congrats Danielle! Keep up the awesome work! Very inspiring!

  7. Wow!!! This is more than amazing and absolute inspiring. Great job!!!


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