Thursday, June 14, 2012

Workout Motivation

                                                                                  Source: via KandidlyKim on Pinterest

Best. Nike. Ad. Ever.

I am a woman with curves.
I will always have an hour-glass figure.
AND I know that I will never fit into size 2 jeans unless I stop eating and I have my hips shaved down. 

With weight loss, we are always looking to change things about our physical appearance. BUT there are some things about our bodies that will never change completely. For me, that is my hips and thighs. I will always have them. While, I hope that they get smaller, I know they will always be on the curvy/thick/larger/athletic (or whatever adjective you would like to use). So I need to accept them. 

What body part do you need to accept on your body?

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  1. I'm in the exact same boat! My hips, butt, and thighs aren't going anywhere. Even as a size 2, they're still big!

    1. It's the plague of the curvy woman whose shaped like a coke bottle! As long as there is a curvy jeans section when I go shopping, I can learn to love my body as is. :)

  2. I think that curves are a beautiful part of a woman body. I need to accept that I don't have a butt..LOL! I also need to accept the stretch marks on my tummy.

  3. Woah, synchronicity. I randomly saw that ad in one of my mom's magazines years ago and tore it out because I loved it. At the time my younger sister was just admitting her eating disorder and our family was figuring out what we could do to support her healing. That ad was sort of a catalyst for me to stop verbally beating up on my body and be a good example for my sister. I can remember a lot of times when I wanted to whine about having big thighs, but I knew she was watching & listening so I would sort of channel the confidence of that ad and say "Sis, these are my thighs and I LOVE THEM. Thunder and all."

    Some six years later and I'm still practicing loving all my body. At this point it's become a fun game though. :)


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