Monday, July 02, 2012

Week 11 Independence Day Challenge

This Week's Highs
Guess who has lost 3lbs? *pointing at myself* THIS GIRL! Finally after a few weeks of absolutely no movement on the scale, I saw it budge. I am so very excited. My wedding is in about a month from now, and I feel so frantic. My first dress fitting is this Saturday, so we will see how everything pans out. I am more than tempted to do a raw food diet this week to ensure that I lose a few extra lbs before the fitting. I have also hopped back on the MyFitnessPal bandwagon and started tracking my food again. I turned off the "you have logged in for XXX amount of days" notification to keep myself from going crazy to make sure I log in every single day though. 

This Week's Lows
While I was able to eat better and see some results on the scale, I didn't exercise as much as I would have liked. I forced myself to walk the dog a few times and I did make it to the gym a few days... but no where as much as I wanted to. For the next few weeks/months (I'm not sure which one yet) I will be focusing on doing more cardio and less weight training. I have noticed that I am definitely building muscle, but I haven't lost too much fat. Hence the reason for not seeing too much weight loss on the scale. I can leg press 220lbs and do tricep push-downs with 110lbs now so I know I have gotten stronger AND I have muscle definition when I flex my muscles. BUT I don't have much definition when I am sedentary because I have a healthy layer of fat on my muscles. I know that aerobic actiivity is what really torches fat, so that will be my focus

We have one more week of the challenge before its over. So lets make this week the best week!

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  1. Awesome job!! You are so inspiring!!

    Can't believe we're at the 11 week mark!


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