Wednesday, August 01, 2012

White Rice vs. Cauliflower Rice

Can you tell which plate has the white rice?

I don't know about you, but I love some seasoned white rice with my meat for dinner or leftovers for lunch. This is one of my biggest diet pitfalls. Yummy. Delish. White carbohydrates. I try to limit my intake as much as possible, but my fiance is not a fan of brown rice or sweet potatoes so it gets hard some days. Any-who, I found a fabulous substitute for white rice that is low in calories and high in tastiness! Cauliflower rice.

Before you decide that this is not for you, please give it a fair chance. I don't even eat regular cauliflower, but I love this version.

As much fresh cauliflower as you would like
Salt, pepper, and butter to taste

Rinse the cauliflower florets in cold water and place in the food processor. Blend cauliflower until it is the consistency of rice. Once it is blended, season with salt, pepper, and butter to taste in a microwave safe bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave for 1 - 2 minutes to soften and enjoy! 

A cup of plain cauliflower is only 25 calories!

You can also play around with the seasonings, if you like. I have used fresh or roasted garlic, garlic powder, basil, onion salt.... the possibilities are endless!

And by the way, the picture to the left is white rice and the right is the cauliflower rice. 


  1. Sounds good, I will have to try it!

  2. a cup is 25 calories?! seriously! i have to try this then because i love cauliflower anyway!

  3. GREAT TIP! the thought of eating brown rice makes me GAG. I just hate the hard consistency and the cardboard taste. I will definitely try this though! I am actually on a quest to by a food processor anyways.

  4. When I was on South Beach cauliflower "surprise" mashed potatoes were one of my go-to carb alternatives! So easy and so yummy! Will try the rice as well!

  5. Definitely going to try this, thanks for the tip!

  6. Awesome recipe. I will have to try. I use cauliflower as cheese sauce in my Asian Mac and Cheeze. Cauliflower is so versatile. Thanks for sharing.


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