Monday, August 06, 2012

Workout Motivation

                                                                      Source: via KandidlyKim on Pinterest

One thing that Amber and I pride ourselves on is our eating. 99% of the time we are eating wholesome, healthy foods. We get so upset when we read the latest and greatest nutrition article in magazines that says eliminate soda, refined sugars, and white carbs because those are second nature to us now.

If you haven't started taking a hard look at your eating habits as a reason to why you haven't reached your goals, you need to. Eating right is over 70% of the battle because it is not possible to exercise away all of the bad things that you eat.

Healthy foods are not just food for your body, but they fuel your body and help it to run more efficiently. 


  1. i need this!

    i'm happy to report that instead of the chocolate bar that i really want to be eating right now, i decided to eat the grapes i brought from home :)


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