Wednesday, October 24, 2012

#50in52 Week 4

I'm baaaack! This week had its up and downs, BUT today's weigh in put a smile on my face! So if you have been following, the last time I reported results was in week 2 since in week 3 I took advantage of a "free pass" and didn't share my results so I could sulk in private...I had gained another 1.6 lbs. Yes... 2 weeks of gains so something was wrong.....

As I was sitting here... trying to calculate how much I have lost/gained/tried to lose/ect in terms of the 50in52...because I didn't want to share my actual weight, I was getting so frustrated. (I made this internal pack that my name, face and weight would never show up in a blog post together.) Why can't I just type my actual weight? It would be a hell of a lot easier to just do that.

I don't want to be judged.

So silly, I know. I am so sensitive about the physical number because I don't want that to be what stays in anyone's mind. I know that it is always in my head, despite how I look or feel, so if I cannot get past it, how can anyone else? So, I will break my internal rule... and just share my weight.. starting with week 1.

Week 1 177.8lbs Starting weight on the challenge (highest weight ever is 185.5)
Week 2 181.2 (+3.4)
Week 3 182.8 (+1.6)
Week 4 180 (- 2.8)

And yes, you read that right. -2.8lbs lost in the past week. BUT, I am also trying something new... and I would be dishonest if I did not let you in. Did you read Amber's post about finishing what she started? I started juicing on Monday with her. I am NOT doing it for every meal though and I allow myself to snack on unsalted or lightly salted nuts throughout the day. I juice for breakfast, lunch and eat a reasonable, small portioned dinner. So far it is not terrible. I am a bit tired and lethargic, but it is doable. In week 5, I will really be able to tell how it is working for me. 

I'm excited, nervous, anxious, but sooooo ready for a change. I even got my husband in on the weight loss action this time around. We had a conversation about the type of support I need, and I noted that I need to have a little more help at home. It's hard to juice when I see him eating massive amounts of juicy jerk chicken and rice and peas. To motivate me, he says he will buy ANY Michael Kors bag I want when I lose 20lbs. Obviously, I said DEAL. I am not sure if he knows how pricey MK bags can be... but I will try to be reasonable. 

Until next week!

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