Thursday, November 15, 2012

#50in52 Week 7

Feel free to grab the picture above if you are following along on your own #50in52. It doesn't matter when you start, fyi, just join in when you are ready. Just email me to let me know and I will give you a shout out on the blog. Once I figure out how to make a button properly I will make that option available too. 

Week 7 already! I feel like that is crazy to even write... especially since I don't feel like I have seen too much of a change in myself and it has been basically 2 months.

So I am doing something drastic.

I signed up for personal training. Again. But this time I really put my money where my mouth is and I will have no excuses not to see success. I will be training 3 times per week with a trainer and I will, for the very first time, be on a customized meal plan.I had my first session today with one of my new trainers (I will be meeting twice a week with one, and once a week with the other who is big on nutrition) and it was already drastically different than what I have experienced previously. I am super nervous/excited/eager to make a change in my life. I asked today who long it would take for me to lose the 40 lbs that I would like to lose... and James, the trainer, said it should only take me 3 months if I follow the exercise regime and nutrition plan. And I bought training for 4 I have time to spare!

Earlier this week my husband said that he had a dream that it was close to Christmas and I had almost lost 20 lbs, which means I get my Micheal Kors bag, and he wasn't ready to spend the big bucks yet. Lol. If that is any form of foreshadowing about the next few weeks... I am TOO excited. 

Every time I weigh in now, I feel like that is going to be the last time I will see that number on the scale. And that makes me ecstatic. No weigh in again this week because due to not having power for 15 days (we just got it back on Tuesday) I know my weight is only reflecting the no-so-healthy-food that I had access to for the past 2 weeks. I am starting the nutrition segment of the regime on Sunday so I go grocery shopping and prepare myself properly and will be sharing it all here, of course.

Anyone following along? If so, how's it going?

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