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A Trainer's Perspective with Monica Pitts: Part 2

Monica Pitts from the blog Temple Fitness is back for Part 2! I've been writing a lot about my experiences personal training, but I thought it would be great to hear about the experience from the perspective of a personal trainer. Read on!

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This is the golden ticket. I can’t stress enough how important nutrition is along your weight loss and body transformation journey. You can’t erase a poor diet with exercise but you can erase exercise with a poor diet.

Most trainers will include or a meal plan or make nutritional recommendations to help you reach your specific goals. Don’t expect to reach your weight loss and fitness goals if you are not willing to stick to your meal plan. This is another part of doing your homework.

It Works…BUT you must work IT

How many diet plans and workout plans have you attempted and failed? Honestly in most cases it’s not the plan that failed but you failed the plan. You failed to work the plan like it was intended to be worked. You might work out but not follow the meal plan or follow the meal plan but not follow the exercise routine.

In some cases you succeed for 3 weeks then give up after not seeing results fast enough. Crazy thing is that many times you are on the brink of greatness but give up way too early to see it manifest. Consistency is key. You have to be willing to work it until it works for you.

You Have It In You

The best trainers will take your perceived weakness and capitalize on it. In other words we will use your weakness and create it into strength. When I am training clients I always make them try something that they think they can’t do. I make them do it over and over until one day they CAN. I believe in their ability and want them to also believe in themselves.

So don’t ever say you can’t do something. Even if it’s difficult or you fail at the first attempt don’t give up. Keep pushing yourself. You have it in you to succeed.


Last but definitely not least it’s imperative that you prepare your mind for the journey. A great trainer will inspire you to reach your goals but they can’t motivate you. You must find that motivation…..that thing that moves you into action…within yourself.

You must believe in yourself. You must know that you deserve to be healthy, fit and strong. You don’t have to settle for mediocrity when you can be your best. Finding time to meditate, pray, or recite mantras may help you make that powerful shift.

Many of us allow the external things in this life to define us and limit us. Becoming conscious of your inner Being and true identity in this world can be the difference between reaching or not reaching your goals. We all have the power in us to succeed but we have to believe in that ability before we can access it. A strong mind creates a strong body. If you think you can then you will!

I hope this helps you go out there and finally reach your weight loss and fitness goals! It’s a NEW YEAR, it’s time for the NEW YOU to make a debut.

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