Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wedding Colors

More than once, we have been told that picking the colors of the wedding should be done really early. We've been scoring the net by searching "(insert color here) wedding images". So far we love the combination of aqua and brown, but we are debating on adding peach/orange accents. I know it sounds a bit much, but I assure you that it looks really vibrant, unique, and classy. The image to the left shows the combo of aqua and brown, but I couldn't find an image with peach that we liked.

Bridesmaids could wear satin brown dresses with aqua accents. We are not sure what color the flowers would be then. Cream always looks nice, but we need some flava! I'm not sure if peach would be so nice in the flowers, but we could incorporate it on the table. After we decided on aqua, we couldn't help but notice all of the aqua colored things we already had around the house! I told Mr. Man that this was a MAJOR sign. We will see. The only thing that is definite is that we will be having a wedding in 2012 right now. (hahaha) Over the next few weeks, we will be putting the petal to the metal in order to narrow down our likes and dislikes.


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