Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Coral House Review

Ample Parking
Lakeside Views
2 choices of rooms
American style food
Rooftop Terrace available with larger room
Large windows in every room
Clean bathrooms
Nice cocktail room
Good size bridal suite
Friendly staff
All Inclusive Package with favorable pricing
We can invite more people than expected for the price
6 hours in total
Option to have ceremony at the hall
Outdoor area for pictures

Not fancy enough
Lakeside area is not very large
Food was okay
Staff didn't pay attention to details (the chair covers were wrinkly)
We have to invite more people in order to get the room we like
Venue hosts more than 1 event per day, with at least one during the same time as ours

Overall, the reception hall was "okay". We didn't love it, but with customization we could make it work if needed. They immediately asked us if we wanted to do a food tasting after viewing the rooms too which was nice. The food was decent, but there was a primarily American menu for the dinner options. Our wedding is going to be composed of guests from different ethnicities, so we wanted a few more options that were not American or Italian. A major bonus is that they included a cocktail hour in their rooftop terrace if we book the larger room and guarantee 175 guests. We were not really trying for that many people, but who knows now! We keep remembering important people who we would like to see on our big day!

The pictures on the website are a pretty good representation of what they have to offer. I described this venue as the "textbook" definition of wedding. Meaning, that if you could look up what a wedding looks like in the dictionary, you would see The Coral House. Not that this is bad, but we want a bit more oooomph, pizazz, flava! We've been watching too many wedding shows, obviously.

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