Friday, April 01, 2011

Reception Hall Blues

As of today, I understand why couples hire a wedding planner. There are so many things to consider and research. Right now, we are looking to see if we can view a few more halls that fit our requirements. However, I am 100% against driving out to a place that I feel will not meet our standards. I am finding that many reception halls do not have great websites. Maybe the owners are too busy hosting beautiful weddings to think about having a detailed, up to date, and information filled website. 75% of the time when I call to have materials sent to the house or via email; I am shot down because they will not send materials without a consultation. Womp Womp.

This weekend we are having company, so I do not think we will visit anyplace. But hopefully, we will find a few other places to visit soon. I think the Astoria World Manor, Inc, may be next on the must-see list.

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