Thursday, May 19, 2011

Engagement Party

The engagement party is NEXT WEEKEND! I have been ordering everything online (cups, plates, napkins, ect ect), and having the boxes delivered to my job. We should be expecting around 60 or so family and friends at our house. Most of them for the very first time. We are super excited, but very busy.

Mr. Man has been taking immaculate care of the lawn. It was looking a bit suspect up until the past 2 weeks. We sectioned out areas for our garden to beautify the space. (And by beautify, we mean that we used mulch on a large area that grass would not grow. )

This week, I will start sprucing up the interior of the house for next week. Hopefully, not too many people will be coming inside (except to use the bathroom), but we want it to look nice anyways. We also need to buy some plastic to put down on the floors so the guests to not scratch up our wood floors when they walk through the house to the bathroom.

I am super excited. After I return a few of the items that got scratched up and replace them; I think we will be in great shape. Mr. Man and I will go food shopping for the items that the guests are not bringing. I am going shopping with my coworker for a new outfit on Saturday.... and I think that is it for now.... Hopefully.

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