Friday, May 20, 2011

This is Starla: Wedding Dress

Today I went into a frenzy at work to show my coworker this dress. I tried it on at Florida bridal salon with my Godmother. I absolutely love the way the dress made me feel, but it wasn't the type of dress that I wanted to get married in. I felt like I was going to a party instead of getting married to the man I love.

But I cannot get over how happy I felt when I tried it on. I am so excited to marry Mr. Man; looking at dresses sometimes gets me a bit overwhelmed. I get all mushy and lovey dovey. Hopefully, when I start shopping for real, I will find a dress that has the look that I am looking for and the feeling that I had when I tried this gown on.

This gown is by Sottero & Midgley. The collection is amazing.

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