Thursday, June 30, 2011

Full Disclosure

SOOO, when I read fitness magazines and anything about someone's personal weight loss journey, I always want to know what they actually weigh. To me, there is no point in sharing the journey if I can't have the hard cold facts about where you began and where you have ended up.

I figured that I shouldn't be a hypocrite since I am often writing about fitness too, so I put my stats at the bottom of the page in a ticker. So now all ya'll can know how I am actually progressing. I will update it on Mondays, so you can know how my previous week went.

So far, Amber and I have been on top of business when it comes to our nutrition and fitness this week. Everyday during lunch we take a 20 - 40 minute walk and we have added morning work out videos to the mix. In terms of nutrition, we have tracked anything that touched our lips on Spark People. I am averaging between 1300 - 1500 in calories per day and not feeling like I am starving either.

We will see what the scale says over the weekend!

Edited to add:
So, Amber and I are always looking for the best way to track our calories and we found MyFitnessPal today at work and we LOVE it. Not that Spark People was terrible, but we LOVE this new site. We both added badges to the sidebar so ya'll can keep up with our progress. Amber is killing it! As for me, I gained a tad back....but I am on it. The trackers automatically update too, so when we lose, ya'll will know automatically. Join us if you like! It's FREE and super user friendly.  We think it is almost like a Facebook for fitness.

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