Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have been reading fitness blogs like they are going out of style, and a lot of bloggers post a timeline of when they would like to be able to achieve their goals. Before I do that, below is a little bit of history on my journey thus far:

Started my weight loss journey mid-April using Weight Watchers
Week of:
Apr. 10th - 185lbs
          Dress Size: 14
Apr. 17th - 179.6lbs
Apr. 24th - 179.2lbs
          Measurements: Arms: 12.5in     Hips: 46in     Bust: 39in     Waist: 32in     Thighs: 27.5
May 1st - 177.6lbs
May 8th - 178.4lbs
May 15th - 175.8lbs (this was my lowest weight!)
May 22nd - 178.6lbs
May 29th - 179lbs
June 5th - 178.2lbs
June 12th - 177.8lbs
June 19th - 180.2lbs
June 26th - 178.2lbs

This brings us to current day. AND if you ask me, it took waaaaay to long for me to lose those barely 7lbs. Before starting Weight Watchers, the last time I weighed myself I was around 174lbs at the doctors office, so I don't even feel like I have accomplished much since I am still over that amount. Below is the plan:

Goal 1: 169lbs by August 1st, 2011
Goal 2: 159lbs by September 15th, 2011
Goal 3: 149lbs by November 1st, 2011
Goal 4: Between 135 - 145 by January 1st, 2012

I feel like this can actually be doable. I am nervous but still so excited. I have NEVER committed to actual weight loss dates before... or announced it publicly.... so here we go!

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