Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Planner or No Wedding Planner

Did you know that by simply registering for a bridal show that you are automatically entered into raffles? Mr. Man and I did not know this tid bit of information. I registered for a bridal show that was on Wednesday of last week. However, I did not make it. (As usual... this is probably the 3rd show that I have registered for and not attended.) But I have received 2 phone calls claiming that I won some prizes. Now, let me tell you... we were skeptical.

The first call was from Prestige Weddings and they said that we had won a 3 day 2 night vacation. My first thought was "yea, okay, sure....". But the woman reassured me that she was telling the truth, and that I just needed to come in with my fiance to sign the vouchers and she will explain the directions. So, we made an appointment for Saturday at the Ozone Park location.

*Warning: the location AND the website do not do the business justice. Conversely, they have been around for over 40 years and they have a A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. *

We came armed with our best listening skills because we knew that we would have to hear about the business before we could walk away with out vouchers. Surprisingly, it was a great experience. The Wedding Planner was knowledgeable and ready to help us. She had an array of packages and examples to prove herself and the business. She gave us numerous tips and pointers about wedding planning as well. The bonus to going with a package from Prestige Weddings is that we get a wedding planner to help us until the wedding is over. If we would like her to be there for the rehearsal dinner and the day of, that is an additional fee, but she is "on-call" in case anything goes wrong on the day of. She even offered to train our appointed wedding planner if we choose someone else (ie a friend or family member).

Yes, we know that she was putting on her best sales skills to make us want to book her services, BUT her argument was heartfelt and sincere. She also followed up with a thank you email too. (I am a sucker for thank you notes.) I wrote back asking for a quote on the remaining services that we need to book which are as follows:

Flowers for the wedding party and reception
Photography* (we have a friend of the family who has offered, but we need to check his work first)

Basically everything except the reception venue. We are also still debating on the ceremony location too. In about 2 weeks we have about one year until the wedding! AHHHHHH! Magically, everything will get done.

And the second call went terrible. That place, and I didn't even get the full business name, was pushing us to come in that night for a viewing/explanation. When I said that we were busy and could not drive a hour to the office location the gentleman got an attitude and asked if I could change my plans. Needless to say, I said he could give our prize to another couple who was able to change their schedule on 2 hours notice. They were offering 3 prizes ( 1. Wedding bands or a Vacation, 2. $1000 in grocery coupons, and 3. 20 - 40% household items through their business). I have seen wedding bands offered at other shows too, so I do not feel that I am missing out.

Do any of ya'll feel that having a wedding planner is 100% necessary? That was the big selling point for me with Prestige, even though I have a Maitre'd at the reception venue...

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