Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Tips: Keeping Your Relationship Sacred

Keeping Your Relationship Sacred
 Relationships are hard. Period. When you add in a 3rd party it makes it harder. As I am slowly beginning the countdown to the wedding bells next August, I am being overly analytical of my relationship with my fiance.

Does he love me the way I love him?

Should I be with someone else instead of him?

Why does Mr. Temptation keep knocking at the door? Is this a sign?

Am I doing the right thing?

Will I regret marrying him later?

I go through this series of questions almost daily. Yes, I know part of it is nerves. (Okay, maybe almost all of it.) But also, there is always temptation out there. There is always going to be someone out there that you have an attraction to who is not your significant other. The important thing is that you don't act upon it.

In my opinion, it becomes easier to act upon these emotions once you let someone inside of your relationships' "circle of trust". The minute that intimate details about you and your partner are revealed to that person outside of the relationship... that opens the door for more. We are humans! And we bond of sharing details of our lives and experiences to one another. I am not suggesting that you guard your relationship with a sword and slice anyone who asks "How are you feeling today?", but be cautious. Guard your relationship and cherish it.

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