Monday, August 22, 2011

Motivational Mondays: There will ALWAYS be a Fresh Start

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. After this weekend, I realized how much I let my mind wander about things that could have or in my opinion should have happened, but for some reason or another did not. At some point in life everyone has their shoulda, coulda, woulda moment. Whether it is regarding not breaking up with an Ex, pursuing someone who sparked an interest, working harder on a project or paper, or for those of us who are losing weight putting down that huge slice of cake, or actually making it to the gym.

Of course you should think about your actions, but it should never get to the point where you constantly beat yourself up over things that already happened. Unfortunately in this lifetime, we do not have the power to change the past or go back in time and change what happens. So we have to make use of every moment we have and learn from our mistakes; every day is a new opportunity to move forward and avoid making the same mistake.

There are just so many times that you can make a mistake, at some point you must acknowledge what went wrong and work harder to not make the mistake. My last weigh-in was definitely not what I wanted it to be but I learned the hard way that by doing the same thing you get the same results. So instead of sulking, and wallowing in the fact that I did not lose the weight I wanted to, I decided to make a fresh start and look forward to a great weigh- in. Kimberly and I will be weighing in today after work, Wish us luck!


  1. Oh man...i needed to read something like this today! thank you for letting me think about the possibility of starting fresh! i am going to work it out! im following now:-)

  2. you have such a great attitude! i have an issue with the "all or nothing" ... i need to work on that if i am going to get anywhere with my weight loss goals ... much luck to you and i! :)

  3. Thanks for following Mrs.Pancakes, it's definitely reassuring to know that we can start fresh.....and make sure to work it out!

    And Thanks Faith, it has taken some time to become more positive. I used to have the all or nothing mindset too, but that didn't get be too far, we can do this, Good Luck!


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