Monday, September 26, 2011

New Found Love for Cardio

If you haven't tried spinning before.

You. Need. To. 

I have been doing spinning classes 3 days per week at 6am to get my day started. It is such a rush! I recently joined XSport Fitness in Garden City, NY. (A fabulous gym that has everything and then some.)

For spinning classes, I truly believe that it is all about the instructor. I liken spinning to guided imagery on a bike. In the classes I take, the instructors push you to challenge yourself and they really try to make it seem as if all of the participants are racing together in a pack.

Now if this is all Greek to you. Below is the definition of spinning from Wikipedia:

Indoor cycling, as an organized activity, is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days) and recovery, that involve using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting.
In a 60 minute class, according to my heart rate monitor, I burn approximately 500 - 600 calories.  I always leave feeling energized, refreshed, AND sweaty.

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