Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesdays: Restart Button

Restart Button

 Last night in our Weight Watchers meeting they conducted a "Getting Started Meeting" instead of another topic. For all of you who aren't WW members, a "Getting Started Meeting" is usually held after the regular meeting for all of the new members that day. It goes through the program in detail, explaining how the system works and offering advice. After getting comfortable with anything, most people start to become a little bit lax. Not counting points, estimating portion sizes, not eating Power Foods... basically stopping all of the activities that lead to a loss in the beginning.

A lot of members had the same feeling about hitting that restart button; once you get derailed, it is so much easier to just hit the turn off button instead. Especially when it is one of those weight loss days where you feel bloated and you've already eaten an entire bag of Utz Sour Cream and Onion chips....

Amber and I are really working hard to stay excited and motivated at the start of each week. It's so difficult, especially when you don't see a loss on the scale, but we will try to restart and not turn off more frequently.

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