Saturday, October 29, 2011

Soul- Searching

After a great dinner conversation, I have really begun to think about my life and where things are going. Lately I have been trying to get back into the groove of things and for some reason (that I am still looking for) I have not been able to get it together. Like I said in one of my previous posts, everything has been all over the place. My weight-loss journey has officially been put on pause and it is time to press play again.

Although it is good to have a fresh start every now and again, I feel that my weight-loss engine needs a jump start and QUICK! I am really trying to understand why I have been unsuccessful with losing weight. After countless conversations with myself (don't judge me) and others, I have realized that maybe I am really not as ready as I thought I was to lose weight. Honestly, I have learned how to work with what I have, I know what to wear and how to wear so that everything compliments my body. Losing weight will get rid of ME and I guess I am not ready to say good-bye yet.

Aside from being skinny and looking better in clothes, I ultimately want to have children and live a long and healthy life, and I know that at this rate I have to make changes while I can. In the past Kimberly and I have tried to do too much at one time, which was rather unrealistic. I plan to do some more soul searching so that I can find out what is really hindering me from losing weight. At the end of the day I know that the only person in my way is ME. I will let you know what else I find!

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