Monday, November 28, 2011

Low Fat vs Full Fat

Go ahead and lie to yourself. I would loooove to hear it. EVERYBODY knows that Reduced Fat Cheez-Its do not taste anywhere near as amazing as regular Cheez-Its.

So why do we eat them anyways?

In a lot of my blog and internet research and books like French Women Don't Get Fat, they speak about the benefits of eating full fat foods versus the low fat substitute. Not only will you most likely feel full longer, but you are probably avoiding a lot of the preservatives and additives that are put into low fat food to make it taste half-way decent.
Also, do you recall the feeling you have after you eat a mini low-fat bag of you favorite snack? For me, that means that I am still hungry and dissatisfied AND I will probably reach for a second helping. If I went ahead and indulged and ate the full fat version, one serving would have sufficed. I really want to test this out for a few weeks to see how my body reacts. I remember when I went to France for 10 days in high school, I thoroughly enjoyed every nutella filled crepe and fresh bread that my eyes could see. 

AND I came back a few pounds lighter!

That was back in the day when I was Captain of the cheerleading squad at my high school and was able to do full splits so that my child-bearing areas were flesh with the floor. But I was positive that I would come back and my cheer uniform would be a tad tight. Instead, I came back energized and a few pounds lighter. When I thought about it, I didn't eat second helpings like I usually did. I also ate 3 full course meals on most days there. If and when I was hungry, I grabbed a snack wherever I was. AND I walked quite a bit all throughout the tour of France. What would be so hard to incorporate this in my daily life?

Has anyone else tried giving up low-fat/reduced calorie options?


  1. Anything " low fat" is actually worst that " full fat" as you put it because I was noticed it leaves you hungry sooner and all the things "used to substitute" from " full fat" are very bad for our health because they are not natural...It's best to learn what the good fats are and enjoying them instead of destroying our healths with man made
    low fat food! I still enjoy nutella and make crepes very often (so I know what you mean) that they are too good to resist so forget low fat! (smiles) There's actually a picture of some crepes I made for breakfast on the following link

    But the observation you made that's also a bing thing to consider is that in Europe we spend a lot of time walking unlike the USA so it's easy not to worry about enjoying our crepes and patisseries!

  2. Hey ladies I am trying to follow your blog but it keeps showing me a page saying "Follow...single dad"

  3. my mom always said, "never buy reduced fat, low fat, etc." so i just don't. it makes a lot of sense to just buy it the way it should be as it takes a lot more work and chemical to be reduced or low fat.

  4. N'na,

    Thanks for you comment and the yummy recipe! And I agree, in EU they do walk much more than the average American. When I used to work in the city, I tried to do the Euro-thing and walk vs taking the subway and it definitely helped.
    (I will look into the follow button too!)


    You know moms always know best! It's so crazy the Catch 22 Circle we end up making when it comes to our health.


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