Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Goals in Review

November Goals in Review
1. Exercise at least 2x per week for 30min or more.  So, I guess I totally forgot about this goal. My bad. I am working on it though. I have started to find small ways to incorporate exercise by walking home from a store or raking leaves, but I didn't do it 2x per week
2. Be more diligent with not eating "white" carbs.  I did really well with this goal. I made a conscious effort to make myself brown rice/pasta instead of eating white rice/pasta with my fiance. I only indulged and ate the white stuff when I was truly exhausted which only happened once or twice.
3. Take at least 1 hour a week to do whatever I want except sleep more. Hands down, I did this one. And it feels so good. Without thinking about it much, I have taken about 15minutes every night before I doze off to write or read anything that I feel like. It really helps me collect myself.
4. Complete my book club book. Every month. Check again! I finished last months book early and I am in the middle of December's book now (even though I really don't care for it too much).
5. Find alternative rewards for myself, besides food.
This one, I am working on still. I have found ways to entertain myself that are not food, but some days when I feel stressed... I run to the can of Pringles... with no shame... and I drag Amber with me. BUT, after completing the detox, I am much less apt to run to food. So I give myself 1/2 a check.

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