Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Our Trip to the Nutritionist

So here is the update on our trip to the nutritionist:

Stacy and I know way more than we think and the bottom line after our appointment is that we have to stick to something. I guess the both of us thought that the nutritionist was going to give us the magic answer to why we are not losing weight. I was looking for the nutritionist to tell me what I needed to eat and how much I needed to eat and then I would have the magic answer.

I think that the appointment was good, I realized that I do eat much healthier than I did before and I just need to stick with something. When I fall, I fall hard, so any time I get down about not seeing the scale numbers move I figure that I can have that extra cookie since I haven't lost any weight, and that is not the way to think. Although Stacy and I did know a good amount of information about what we should be eating, the nutritionist did give us some tips to help us add better nutrition to our eating.

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