Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blog Highlight: Classy Career Girl

Since school has finished for the Fall semester, my Saturdays are no longer plagued by the guilt of doing or not doing my homework. Therefore, I like to fill up my time cruising through the blog world to find new and interesting blogs to follow and read. This morning, I woke up to a lovely email from my friend over at Everyday Polish, giving me the link to Classy Career Girl.

Being that in my career I am currently working as a Career Counselor and that I just love reading all things career related; this blog seemed like the perfect fit. Anna, the blogs's creator, highlights the areas of personal development, how to find a job, etiquette, time management and more! This looks like it could easily make it's way to my favorites list of "must-read" blogs. Check the blog by clicking here.

Enjoy your Saturday! I know I am happily(almost) doing laundry and watching the Knicks with the fiance.

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