Friday, December 16, 2011


For some time, I have debated on coming out as myself in this blog. I was/am afraid that people may judge me but at the same time, I yearned to be more authentic and forward with you, the readers.

So, after much debate... here we are...

Kimberly.. formerly Stacy Marie

And my co-blogger who will be returning shortly

Amber...formerly Tracy Lee

We will still be keeping certain details of our lives private, but hopefully now ya'll can feel closer to us AND we may even go all out and add some photos to the "About Us" tab.

I sincerely hope that none of you are offended that we were blogging under alias'. It was not in and effort to be deceiving, but we were not ready to come out in the blogging world as ourselves yet. This week, I contacted several bloggers who were in similar situations and consulted with Amber, and we felt that we should come out and be ourselves. So here we are, and I hope you can love us just the same.


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