Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not gaining, just maintaining

If you have been following WIOG for a bit, Amber and I have been taking a "break" from going crazy about our weight loss. This has honestly put me in a great mental space to prepare for the new year. I was overwhelmed with school, work, wedding planning, and trying to count every morsel that I put in my mouth.

Just to make sure that I haven't undone all of my previous hard work, I like to step on the scale at least once a week to keep myself in check. While I know I have been eating pretty "regular" with the exception of adding sugar back into my tea every morning, I also know it is the holidays. Which equals to an extra cookie here or there. Surprisingly, I have been able to maintain my weight! Not a pound more or less. I tracked my food to see how many calories I am eating, and on a bad day I consume up to 2,000. On a normal day, I linger between 1,600 - 1,800. In my blog reading and OCD MyFitnessPal stalking, most people who are maintaining can consume up to 2,400 calories a day! So I am right on target.

Now, if only I was at the actual stage where I am ready to maintain and don't need to worry about losing anymore... lol. 

Anywho, I am still working on putting a blog challenge together to keep myself motivated into the first 60 - 90 days of the new year. I will announce it before the New Year begins so hopefully we can get a good group of us together. I know there is a lot of debating about the pressure of New Year's resolutions, but I know that resolutions can really help motivate you if done correctly.


  1. I'm going to get back on the weight loss track after Christmas. :)


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