Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Weight Loss Update

It has been awhile since we have posted about our weight loss journey. Why? Because, nothing much has happened since the detox. Work has been out of hand lately, so much so that we are more than ready to fill out the Union Representative's survey about workloads that goes to the university at the end of the contract year. Hopefully, this will translate to more money or the same money and more people to do the job.

Neither of us have actually gained more than the normal 2-3lbs back from after the detox which is GREAT! But we haven't actually had the time to commit to a new plan so we can bring in the new year right. Graduate school mixed with the highs and lows of life have left us just floating, pleasantly floating, but we need to oget into full speed ahead. We promise you though, let us finish up these finals for the Fall semester, and we will get on it again!

I will say that sense the detox, I have been trying to eliminate carbohydrates for 1 meal a day and eating more fruits and vegetables. You will see in a lot of the recipes that I have been posting, there are some extra veggies in there. It felt so good to "eat clean" during the detox, and we know that is the only way to see success... matched with EXERCISE! Yes, that old friend of mine who has been calling my name, but I have done a great job at ignoring.

We will get back on it. Anyone have any great ideas or things to share that are working for you?

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