Monday, January 09, 2012

NEW How did you do it? Segment

Here over at WIOG we are obsessed with reading success stories of real people who have lost weight. Not only is it so motivational, but it confirms that there are people out there just like us who are struggling to lose the extra pounds. Whenever we meet someone who has had a lot of weight loss success we always as the big question:
How did you do it?

So after asking so many people and getting many ideas that just seem so helpful and attainable, we wanted to share them with you. WIOG is starting a new segment called "How did you do it?" where we will interview people who have had success in their quest to get fit and lose weight. 

Our first post will be coming out tomorrow afternoon featuring Amie from Running on Healthy

If you get inspired and want to share your story with us, no matter where you are in your journey, please email me at with the subject "How did you do it?" and I will send you the information so you can create the post for WIOG.

***In other news, I didn't complete the C25K run this morning. I was out late with my book club girls and decided to catch up on sleep. BUT I will be back in action tomorrow, bright and early!***

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