Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Real Chics, Real Food: Eatery NYC

If you haven't noticed already, I love to eat. I am constantly speaking with Amber about must-go places to eat. So, why not blog about it to share with ya'll?! I will add any places that I review to the "Real Chics, Real Food Tab" under a new section!

*** Please note that WIOG is not being paid to review any of these places. I go, eat, and indulge out of my own fatty desires! And I write about it just for you***

First place up: Eatery in NYC

I was first introduced to Eatery last year by one of my college girl friends who works right down the block. The restaurant classifies themselves as "new American", which I translate as to meaning "a bourgeois take on classic dishes". When you enter the restaurant, you are always greeted immediately by one of their almost all male staff and seated within minutes. Both times I went during the prime-time dinner hours and never had to wait. However, I believe they take reservations too in case you want to be super sure.

Now, onto the food, the great part. The first time I went to Eatery, I had their Ruby Sipper Martini, which is made out of Absolut Ruby Red vodka and fresh grapefruit juice. This drink is the perfect combination if alcohol and juices to make you feel like you are definitely having a drink, but you will be able to walk, not stumble, out of the restaurant. The glass is also coated with some sugar, just in case you need a little extra kick of sweetness. I went ahead and ordered it again on my last trip this past weekend.

Now onto my main entree, which I ordered the second time that I went to Eatery because I couldn't imagine my visit with out it. My friend who introduced me to Eatery ordered it the first time, and I couldn't keep my fork out of her plate! The Mac and Jack topped with frizzled onions AND because I was feeling naughty, I asked for them to add on some bacon! It is served in a jumbo size ramekin with a crunchy breadcrumb-like top, and the bacon and onions are all on top. I sooo wish I had better pictures, but Mr. Man was in a cranky mood and got annoyed with me taking pictures at dinner.

Because I am being health conscious, I skipped the bread basket, appetizer, and desserts so I could enjoy my entree without feeling too much guilt. But Mr. Man and his cousin who joined us to bring in the New Year had the Eatery Quesadilla which changes daily (this one was a bit spicy with chicken, peppers and Monterey Jack Cheeses) and the Shrimp Empanadas with and amazing salsa that Mr. Man LOVED. The bread basket is also very unique! It's almost similar to a Chinese crispy noodle infused with poppy seeds? Maybe, no? I know it's a weird description, but they are great. Just trust me and go try this place out.

BUT before, I send you out into NYC, let me tell you about the prices. They are reasonable and pretty standard. Drinks are the usual $7 - 12 dollars and entrees run from $9 - 22. Our bill for 3 people ( 2 apps, 3 drinks, 3 entrees) came to $123. The guys ordered some of the pricier entrees (each 22 bucks), so that it what really bumped the price up.

Let me know if you make the trip!

*** Address for Eatery is listed below under the Location***

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