Thursday, January 05, 2012

C25K Week 1 Workout 2

This morning Amber and I were at the gym at 6:30am, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to get our workout on. I felt like the first C25K workout was kind of a breeze. I was breathing heavy and sweating a little bit, but I definitely wouldn't say that I was challenging myself SO I decided to jump into Week 2 of Suz's C25K podcast instead.

The only difference is that instead of doing 60 seconds of running and then recovering for 2 minutes, you do 90 seconds of running and recover for 2 minutes. I was like, "30 more seconds! I got this!"

So I had it... but I felt it. I started to get cramps in my left leg (probably because of my knee problems), but I kept it moving. I kept telling myself that a work out is a work it. Work being the key word. It's not really a workout if you don't feel like you are working. Afterwards, we stretched and tried the rowing machine for 10 minutes and then the stationary bike until we hit 1 mile. About 1 hour of cardio! And the rowing machine definitely felt more like strength training. I felt it all up and down my arms and shoulders like I was doing fly-aways with weights.

Also, when I was reading up on the C25K workouts, I could not find any information about how fast the running portion is. I have been doing 5.0 for the runs and 3.2 for the recovery. 3.2 seems fast in the warm-up,but after you've done a run at 5.0, 3.2 feels GREAT!

And may we have a drumroll, please!

We ran a about a 16 minute mile today! Shaving off 1 minute after just 1 run on Tuesday! I'm so excited and proud of us!

***FYI: Amber is an all star runner and not a fan of interval training, so she's doing her own stellar running routine while I'm doing the C25K workouts. This chic can run for 1,000 minutes on the treadmill! Okay, so maybe not 1,000, but at least a solid 3-5minutes without dying.***


  1. Hey! My old trainer used to make me do my walking warmup at 3.5 and run at 5.5 if that helps. Those are the speeds I'm planning to use when I get started.

  2. Thank you! I'm a bit nervous to try 5.5... I will give it a go next week though!


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