Friday, February 17, 2012

Personal Training is only part of the process

When most people think of personal training, they immediately see their entire wallet being flushed down the drain. Just spiraling slowly and disappearing into the sewer never to be found again.

But, I am learning, although I went into PT wanting it to be the end all and be all of my weight loss journey, it's not. I still need to work my butt off at home, when I eat, in the gym, and to avoid temptation AND just practicing healthy habits overall (like getting enough sleep).

I feel like I am constantly researching diets and reading success stories just wondering/praying for that to be me one day. And although I do kick some serious butt in the gym when I go, I am not consistent. I like to think I am, but I am not. On April 18th, 2012, it will be exactly a year of me trying to lose weight and I have only lost about 10lbs. I know I can do better than that.

Today in my PT session, we took my measurements and talked about what I need to do to see some more drastic results. I can't live my life feeling the way I do about my appearance.. something needs to give. The conversation went a little like this.

Me: What do I need to do to start seeing some results? 
Reggie: You don't feel like you are seeing results yet?
Me: No! And please don't tell me to do the lemonade diet. I don't have the discipline for that?
Reggie: Yea, okay... you come to the gym at 6am, 4 days a week. And you are telling me that's not discipline?

And this really made me think. I do have discipline, when I feel like it. I just need to work on applying it. A craving for nachos should not overpower my desire to reach my goals. So, Reggie suggested that I try a veggie and protein at every meal regime; basically Atkins,which I just looked into last night during class when I wasn't paying attention to the lecture. I know that low carbs will knock of the lbs. It always does. 

I just need to apply my discipline to my diet AND exercise regime. 

I know when you are starting a new regime you should start right away, there is not use in waiting for Monday. But I am overworked and exhausted AND nobody can make me get to the grocery store to shop properly before Sunday afternoon when I wake up from a coma-like sleep I plan on having. SO, Monday it is.


  1. I was where you are at in your journey. At my heaviest I weighed 245 lbs. I went up and down and could never get under 200 lbs until I decided to focus more on my health rather than on losing weight.

    I took what most call an "extreme" measure but it is what I felt was best for my body. I became vegan. Not for the weight loss but rather to just become healthy.

    Once the focus was off of my weight I began to drop the weight. I am still trying to lose weight but my main focus is now on listening to my body and not my mind.

    Your mind will tell you that nachos are yummy but your body will speak loudly and say they are not healthy. You will feel it if you learn how to reconnect with your body.

    Please be careful following an Atkins diet. Like you said you might lose your belly but the long term affects of a diet like that is not beneficial. We need whole grains in our diets.

    Food is designed to heal and replenish our bodies but we defile it by trying to manipulate it to suit our needs.

    Listen to your body and you will find success. I promise. I recommend you read "Eat Clean" by Tosca Reno.

  2. I have read a bit about Tosca Reno and eating clean. I have gone the vegan route before, and it is not for me. If you read up on the Atkins diet, it is more than just eliminating carbs from your diet for good. It goes into a few stages to help your body process foods a bit differently and reintroduces whole grains back into the diet in one of the later stages. (I will probably post on this later.) I need my brown rice and carbs! Thank you for your comments and concerns! You always provide great insight and resources.

  3. Thank you. I wasn't necessarily recommending becoming vegan. Just wanted to say that you must listen to your body. Not every "diet" or lifestyle suits everyone. I understand that. Do what works best for you. :)


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