Monday, February 06, 2012

Real Chics, Real Food: Vincent's Clam Bar

So as apart of my many outings for my birthday, my mother, sister and sister-in-law and I went to Vincent's Clam Bar in Carle Place, NY. My mom had called me about two weeks before my birthday, and because she knows I love Italian food she said that we should try it out. So of course I Googled them to get a sneak peak of the menu and I was so excited to go. When I did a Google search it had been voted as one of the best Italian Restaurants on Long Island, and I have to agree!   I hope you enjoy the pics, I wanted to take more but the food was so good I had to put my phone down.

For my entree I had the Baked Ziti and it was absolutely AMAZING! I had such a hard time choosing what to get, so I just tasted everyone else's entrees. I must warn anyone that visits that they serve in family size, I took home enough Baked Ziti to last me two days! 

Although it was my birthday I did make sure to watch my portions, so to avoid eating half of my plate I loaded up on water with a splash of lemon and I skipped the appetizers. I barely had room for dessert but I had to taste the Brownie Sundae, and it was so delicious! 

So if you are ever in Long Island and have the sudden urge for Italian Food make sure you stop by Vincent's Clam Bar.


  1. yum! the food looks delish!

    glad you had a great birthday :)

  2. Thanks :) The food was sooooo good!


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