Tuesday, February 07, 2012

We Commit To Be Fit- 2012 Get Fit Challenge

Last week, Kim and I decided to take this weight-loss journey by the reigns and we signed up for the Weight-Loss Challenge at out gym. The Weight Loss challenge is 12 weeks, and the only requirements to enter the challenge are training 12 times during the challenge and purchasing 12 weeks worth of supplements. So far it has been one week, and it has not been too bad, I actually lost 3 pounds which is amazing to me especially since my birthday just passed. Losing weight alone is an incentive but it gets better, as as even more motivation to lose the weight  there are cash prizes for the first, second and thrid place winners. So in my mind I figure that if I bust my butt during the next 11 weeks, the worst case scenario is that I won't win any money, but instead will definitely lose weight and gain confidence. Before the challenge even started, between training and eating better I was already starting to see a difference in my body. This challenge is just making me push myself even harder. Since we took before pictures to start the challenge, once the challenge is over I will post my before and after pictures on the blog for you guys to see the results. Unfortunately I haven't had time to actually pick up my supplements yet, but once I do, I will post them on the blog for you to see, and as the challenge continues I will let you know what I think about them.

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