Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: I don't want to get up at 5am to workout.

Always: I KNOW it's good for me and I better get my butt out of bed.

Sometimes: I feel really guilty about not spending enough time with my fiance because of grad school, work, and wanting some personal time

Always: I know that he understands that I am trying to better myself and further my career AND that it won't always be this crazy (I graduate May 2013!)

Sometimes: I wish I could just go on the honeymoon now because I am so stressed out about the wedding

Always: I know deep down... somewhere... I am excited about the actual wedding ceremony too

Sometimes: I feel like I don't really have any friends.

Always: I know the friends that I do have are absolutely amazing and I would rather have 1 great friend than endless so-so friends.


  1. Awww I agree, 1 great friend is better than many so so friends. I only have one too. I know I can count on her to be here for me whenever I need her. :)

    1. I guess this is what happens as we get older, right?

  2. Oh wow, you are amazing for getting up so early to workout!! I'm impressed! I don't have tons of friends either, just a few really amazing ones. And that is the best!!

    Thanks for linking up with me!!

    1. I love the link ups! I guess the friend thing just happens as we get older...and from what I'm hearing marriage adds to that too. It makes me appreciate my nearest and dearest even more!


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