Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Benefits of Weight Training

If you walk into your local gym, the chances are that you will see most of the women sweating profusely on a Cardio machine. Research has found that most women skip over weight training and stick to just Cardio workouts. Cardio is definitely important to incorporate in your workout schedule, but in order to see real results in your body, weight training is the way to go.

Most women tend to stay away from the weight room at the gym for a fear of bulking up. But the truth is that unless you are training to enter a body building competition you will not bulk up. Weight training is very beneficial, and although the scale may not move as fast as it does when sticking to strictly Cardio, you will definitely see a change in your body shape. When you do too much Cardio, the scale may move faster but you actually end up losing muscle mass instead of fat. Effective weight training ensures that you burn actual fat, thus you will find that you fit into your skinny jeans faster than expected without a large jump on the scale.

Just like Kim I now have an addiction to (I blame this on her). I came across this article about the benefits of weight training and if you are interested you should definitely take a look.

Here are the ten benefits of weight training that are outlined in the article:
1. Lose Body Fat
2. Gain Strength without bulk
3. Decrease your risk of Osteoporosis
4. Improve athletic performance
5. Become physically stronger
6. Reduce the risk of injury, back pain and arthritis
7. Reduce the risk of Heart Disease
8. Reduce the risk of Diabetes
9. Its never too late to benefit
10. Improve your attitude and fight depression

Muscle makes up about a third of the average woman's weight, therefore it has a huge effect on your metabolism. By gaining new muscle, you boost your metabolism and help keep your body lean and sculpted. Muscle burns calories even when you are not in the gym. When you replace fat with lean muscle you will naturally burn an additional 25 to 50 calories a day without even trying.

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  1. I am addicted to weight training. I used to be a cardio slave but I hate cardio now. I love feeling strong and powerful after a nice weight training session. AND yes the scale has not moved much since I have started seriously lifting 5-6 days a week but my body has changed.

    1. I think I'm addicted too! I have learned not to get so obsessed over the scale and pay more attention to the way my body looks.

  2. Just found your blog through the "Sometimes and Always" link up!
    I love it!

    xxx Jessica

    1. Thanks so much! We always appreciate our new readers!!!


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