Monday, April 16, 2012

Independence Day Challenge

Did you know that there are approximately 12 weeks until Independence Day (July 4th)?!?

That is completely cray-cray (aka Crazy, if anyone listens to Taylor from CosmoRadio on XM...) Amber and I decided that we need to get it moving, moreso than we have ever done before.

So here is the deal:
  • We know that we can eat pretty well without tracking calories, counting points, or reading labels. We have both been there, and done that. 
  • Our workouts have enough intensity. 
  • We know that we cannot lose weight by eating 1,200 calories with the intensity of our workouts unless we are doing a detox.
  • We need cheat days/last chance dinners every once in awhile, or we will binge for a week... or two.
  • Salt makes us bloat and gain water weight.
  • Weight training changes our bodies more than any form of cardio ever has.
  • It is possible to get a great workout burning over 700 calories in an hour if we stay focused. 
  • Measuring our bodies instead of weighing ourselves only works when we remember exactly where we measured ourselves
And probably a whole bunch of other things that I cannot recall right at this moment. 

Our goal is to see some drastic changes in our bodies in the next 12 weeks. Personally, I know that I only have 12 weeks until my dress comes in so then I cannot really lose too much weight without my seamstress plotting to kill me. Plus, we both dream of feeling amazing this summer and not feeling like yet another summer is here... and we haven't worked hard enough to change our bodies.

Sidebar: I haven't allowed myself to wear a bathing suit in public in years...Really trying to let this summer be the summer that i can lay on the beach sans a frumpy t-shirt.

What will we be doing you ask?
  1. Eating reasonable and healthy. This means whole grains, 5 - 6 balanced meals, lots of fruits and veggies, approximately 1,500 calories per day or more if we kick butt in the gym.
  2. A minimum of 4 workouts per week. This will most likely be 3 strength training and cardio combined workouts and 1 full cardio session. The cardio will be a combination of lower intensity, fat burning cardio and HILT training.
  3. Water intake needs to stay above 60oz per day. We need h20. Period. And this helps combat the salty snacks that we love to indulge in.
  4. Taking multivitamins. This helps the overall health of our bodies, and fills in the spots where our diet may be lacking.
  5. Checking in with WIOG family every Monday! Ya'll will be keeping us accountable. And hopefully joining in on the sweat, filled fun. Our last check-in will be on Monday July 9th, so we can't eat too crazy that weekend!
Did we forget anything? And are you interested in joining in?

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  1. I am in!!! I had to comment, hehe!! I have some goals to reach and it is funny because I gave myself to the fourth of July to kick some major extra weight butt! :)

  2. Yea! I'm so happy to hear that. We will have to motivate each other! At the very least... We should be able to drop 12lbs. That is 1lb per week. Let's get our summer sexy on!

  3. I am in! I too want to kick some butt before the swelltering heat comes upon me. I want to be able to wear some shorts and form fitting tanks. I would also like to go swimming with my daughter without having to wear a t-shirt. Let's get it gurlll! LOL! Oh you forgot that you have to sleep well. :) That is an important part of being healthy and losing weight.

    1. I guess it's only natural that I forgot to mention sleep.... Since that's what I normally forget to incorporate into my weight loss journey! Great point! We will be here to motivate each other!

  4. Sounds like good goals! Summer ain't ready ;)

    1. I love that! "summer ain't ready!"

  5. I'm so excited, I think this will be a great challenge #TeamSummerTimeFine


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