Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Update: Ivory, Tangerine, and Brown Wedding Invitations

I know I have been completely slacking on my wedding updates... but I have a reason. I kind of refuse to think about the wedding until this semester of grad school is over. I have been completely overwhelmed with school, work, and the little things that life throws in along the way.

However, I am in the process of assembling the invitations! Below is a little preview of what the invitation will look like when it comes out of the envelope. Amber and I stuffed the brown tri-fold envelopes with all of the actual information and then we created the tie using ribbons and the seals. Yes, I know the line could be a bit straighter now that I am seeing it in a photo, but it still looks lovely to me. 

Unfortunately, in the middle of assembling 100+ invites, we ran out of ribbon, so I need to find a dealer where I can order a larger roll of the ivory and tangerine silk ribbons. Hopefully these will be going out by mid-May at the very latest.

Right now though, Mr. Man and I are really wondering how many of our friends will understand that if the envelope is addressed to just them that they will not have a +1/guest. Originally, we wanted to cap our guest list at 125... but it grew to about 152... magically. So since we are so over, we really cannot allow/afford our  unmarried friends to bring a guest. Most of our friends are not engaged or living with their significant other either, so we are hoping that our guests will just be alright with flying solo and enjoy our day with mutual friends.

The response card has a line labeled "M" for the guest to write in their name, and an "accepts"/"regrets" line where they are able to write in how many people are in their party. Mr. Man seems to think that people will just put a check in the accepts/regrets lines instead of a number. But we cannot think of a classy way to avoid this problem.

Are there any brides our there who have dealt with this before?

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  1. When I had my wedding not everyone that RSVP showed up. So even though I thought I would be over we were actually under. It turned out fine. I am not sure how to avoid that problem without hurting anyones feelings. :( That's a hard one.

  2. Oh and the invites look beautiful.


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